‘everybody’s happy nowadays’

A famous punk song in the 1970’s asked this bold question, and I wonder, when actually is nowadays? Now? The present? Is it a continuing cycle of what’s current?

Perhaps the sentiment is not meant to be taken literally, perhaps it’s more ironic than an actual truth

But what if everybody was happy, even just for a day, what if a wave of joy and happiness swept across the planet like a huge Mexican wave, would we be aware of this?

Would news programs inform us of the progress of the ‘happy wave’

Would we have expectations of the oncoming wave, would we place ourselves in certain positions waiting for the wave to hit us? Or just go about our daily routines ‘when it happens, it happens’

Of course, the impending wave of joy might set some people off in a panic, perhaps people might be worried about
Not being in control
Giving over to free love
Losing their guard
Being honest

But what is so scary about being happy?

Or would this happy wave hit us unknowingly, all we would know is joy, would we care where it came from? What affect would it have on the planet? Could we still function, or do governments and consumerism rely on us being in different states of being?



To laugh out loud is one of the great gifts we have, we should try and do this everyday, and perhaps we should all try and make one person LOL each day

But humour is a funny thing isn’t it? it’s a bit like going to a fun fair, some people will like every ride, others may be more choosy as some rides we can find annoying or irritating or stomach churning. I have never liked the rides that just spin round and round

Personally, I always have liked the ghost train, it’s scary, its retro, its familiar, its a bit childish, it makes you jump, its fun, but all you have to do is sit there let it happen and occasionally there is a waft of cold air blown on your face to make you jump. But the ghost train isn’t for everyone, so if you want to be good at your craft of making people LOL you need to learn/ discover certain tricks
Know your audience
Adapt to your audience

Of course, when I’m on ‘fire’ attempting to crack jokes and puns left, right and centre I tend to blow all rules, common sense and decency out of the water and just go for broke, which I’m sure annoys the pants off others but I just can’t help myself as the force of nature to LOL just takes over, it’s almost as if my mind and mouth take over and the rest of me is just a witness to what’s going on and though it makes me (and I hope others?) happy, in the cold light of the morning I seriously regret my humour if the night before and vow ‘never again’ but, next time I’m at if again, it’s almost like my mind is at odds with itself, like being ‘in two minds’

‘happy radio’

The media play a significant role in tying to tell us what to feel and when.

Watching news programs is now a barrage of emotional rape forcing opinions, outrage and criticism to us but at the same time they point out how helpless we are at challenging any of the issues raised that I sometimes suspect they are just trying to manipulate us into a position where we are to feel numb/ outraged and flaccid as that’s all they think we are capable of. Basically its being ‘lazy’ disguised as ‘journalism’

With the arrival of ‘reality stars’ though, it would appear that lots of people are willing to be part of this ‘fake reality’ and even more disturbing, people enjoy watching it. Of course people should be able to be who they wish to be and watch whatever they want, I just question that ‘being on TV’ or having your photo in a magazine or being famous is something to aspire to, why don’t we see more stories about nurses or doctors or firefighters in the media? Don’t those professions inspire younger generations? Or is being famous just a quick easy fix requiring little effort or thought

‘get happy’

If happiness was a product, where could you buy it? What would it look like? What package would it come in? Would there be adverts on television selling it to us? What celebrities might you see endorcing ‘happy’ to us and would you believe what they said to us?

It would seem that happiness, in these modern electronic days, is downloading an app or finding free wifi, there were days not too long ago where I wrote computer programs but as time as passed, so knowledge has updated and left me behind, but in a creative way I am able to write music on software on a computer, and this makes me happy (I think)

One day, we might we able to ‘download happy’ as a program which might give us an instant lift, would we want this? Would it be addictive? Would we allow ourselves 2 ‘happy’s a day’? Or would we lose ourselves in a constant trance state of happy, would being happy every single second of the day harm us in any way?

‘happy talk’

Can you walk the walk and talk the talk? What does that actually mean? That you are sincere? that you can multi task? what’s so great about multi tasking anyway? surely concentrating on one thing at a time is better for everyone? Like not texting while driving (or walking down the street)

Back in the day when we were cave people hunting furry creatures for food, I don’t think the experience would have been any more beneficial/ enjoyable if we had one hand on a spear and the other on our phone updating our profile ‘yea, this mammoth is a real biatch LOL’

There seem to be lots of books out there that sell us the idea that we can be happy, ‘yes you too can be happy’ in just a minute, could we ask for our money back if we are not happy after reading the book? but then I wonder, how do we measure the happiness within? maybe there should be a ‘Happ App’ or ‘H-app’ that helps us measure this by imputtiing answers to series of questions with the results possibly being

‘yes, today you are happy – go share this with the world’


‘mmm, today you are a bit glum, eat chocolate’


‘who cares, you narcissistic piece, get over yourself’

But can a computer program really tell you if you are happy? can’t we work this out for oursleves? And if not, what prevents this?