‘happy talk’

Can you walk the walk and talk the talk? What does that actually mean? That you are sincere? that you can multi task? what’s so great about multi tasking anyway? surely concentrating on one thing at a time is better for everyone? Like not texting while driving (or walking down the street)

Back in the day when we were cave people hunting furry creatures for food, I don’t think the experience would have been any more beneficial/ enjoyable if we had one hand on a spear and the other on our phone updating our profile ‘yea, this mammoth is a real biatch LOL’

There seem to be lots of books out there that sell us the idea that we can be happy, ‘yes you too can be happy’ in just a minute, could we ask for our money back if we are not happy after reading the book? but then I wonder, how do we measure the happiness within? maybe there should be a ‘Happ App’ or ‘H-app’ that helps us measure this by imputtiing answers to series of questions with the results possibly being

‘yes, today you are happy – go share this with the world’


‘mmm, today you are a bit glum, eat chocolate’


‘who cares, you narcissistic piece, get over yourself’

But can a computer program really tell you if you are happy? can’t we work this out for oursleves? And if not, what prevents this?


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