‘get happy’

If happiness was a product, where could you buy it? What would it look like? What package would it come in? Would there be adverts on television selling it to us? What celebrities might you see endorcing ‘happy’ to us and would you believe what they said to us?

It would seem that happiness, in these modern electronic days, is downloading an app or finding free wifi, there were days not too long ago where I wrote computer programs but as time as passed, so knowledge has updated and left me behind, but in a creative way I am able to write music on software on a computer, and this makes me happy (I think)

One day, we might we able to ‘download happy’ as a program which might give us an instant lift, would we want this? Would it be addictive? Would we allow ourselves 2 ‘happy’s a day’? Or would we lose ourselves in a constant trance state of happy, would being happy every single second of the day harm us in any way?


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