‘happy radio’

The media play a significant role in tying to tell us what to feel and when.

Watching news programs is now a barrage of emotional rape forcing opinions, outrage and criticism to us but at the same time they point out how helpless we are at challenging any of the issues raised that I sometimes suspect they are just trying to manipulate us into a position where we are to feel numb/ outraged and flaccid as that’s all they think we are capable of. Basically its being ‘lazy’ disguised as ‘journalism’

With the arrival of ‘reality stars’ though, it would appear that lots of people are willing to be part of this ‘fake reality’ and even more disturbing, people enjoy watching it. Of course people should be able to be who they wish to be and watch whatever they want, I just question that ‘being on TV’ or having your photo in a magazine or being famous is something to aspire to, why don’t we see more stories about nurses or doctors or firefighters in the media? Don’t those professions inspire younger generations? Or is being famous just a quick easy fix requiring little effort or thought


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