To laugh out loud is one of the great gifts we have, we should try and do this everyday, and perhaps we should all try and make one person LOL each day

But humour is a funny thing isn’t it? it’s a bit like going to a fun fair, some people will like every ride, others may be more choosy as some rides we can find annoying or irritating or stomach churning. I have never liked the rides that just spin round and round

Personally, I always have liked the ghost train, it’s scary, its retro, its familiar, its a bit childish, it makes you jump, its fun, but all you have to do is sit there let it happen and occasionally there is a waft of cold air blown on your face to make you jump. But the ghost train isn’t for everyone, so if you want to be good at your craft of making people LOL you need to learn/ discover certain tricks
Know your audience
Adapt to your audience

Of course, when I’m on ‘fire’ attempting to crack jokes and puns left, right and centre I tend to blow all rules, common sense and decency out of the water and just go for broke, which I’m sure annoys the pants off others but I just can’t help myself as the force of nature to LOL just takes over, it’s almost as if my mind and mouth take over and the rest of me is just a witness to what’s going on and though it makes me (and I hope others?) happy, in the cold light of the morning I seriously regret my humour if the night before and vow ‘never again’ but, next time I’m at if again, it’s almost like my mind is at odds with itself, like being ‘in two minds’


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