‘everybody’s happy nowadays’

A famous punk song in the 1970’s asked this bold question, and I wonder, when actually is nowadays? Now? The present? Is it a continuing cycle of what’s current?

Perhaps the sentiment is not meant to be taken literally, perhaps it’s more ironic than an actual truth

But what if everybody was happy, even just for a day, what if a wave of joy and happiness swept across the planet like a huge Mexican wave, would we be aware of this?

Would news programs inform us of the progress of the ‘happy wave’

Would we have expectations of the oncoming wave, would we place ourselves in certain positions waiting for the wave to hit us? Or just go about our daily routines ‘when it happens, it happens’

Of course, the impending wave of joy might set some people off in a panic, perhaps people might be worried about
Not being in control
Giving over to free love
Losing their guard
Being honest

But what is so scary about being happy?

Or would this happy wave hit us unknowingly, all we would know is joy, would we care where it came from? What affect would it have on the planet? Could we still function, or do governments and consumerism rely on us being in different states of being?


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