Healthy Wealthy

I have gratitude for….

  1. being in a relationship
  2. loving my fella
  3. friendships
  4. living in a wonderful place
  5. having money to do things
  6. going to San Francisco
  7. knowing San Francisco
  8. squeak
  9. being healthy
  10. no pain
  11. knowing freedom
  12. having a car
  13. having opportunities
  14. having a computer
  15. having a computer to write music
  16. being able write songs
  17. being able to record vocals
  18. being able to hear
  19. being creative
  20. that I no longer work for Southwark Council

‘happy birthday’

Am I getting more or less happy as I get older? Or if I have to think about it, does it diminish the ‘fun’?

Sometimes I recall my past, how many lives have I managed to fit into this one life I really don’t know, but I guess here are some of the highlights


  • Born


  • See the video for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen for the first time and it blows my mind, something is awoken in me and am still not sure what that is


  • Hear Sex Pistols God save the Queen for first time and am blown away by the energy



  • At a party hear Soft Cell Tainted Love for the first time, think its amazing


  • Pass my driving test for the first time, which is amazing as it happens on Friday 13th


  • DJ Dax is created and set myself up as a mobile DJ, its a bit difficult at the start, but I soon find my way



  • Work in Spain for 6 months as a DJ in Cap Salou, Bar Jolly Sailor


  • Meet Paul and fall in love
  • We both go to work in Spain at the Jolly Sailor, me as DJ Paul as Waiter/ress (tee hee)
  • I move to Preston


  • Get job as a youth worker


  • Start to work as DJ with an agency, work hard but have lots of fun


  • Work as DJ in club, Toad in the Hall in Southport, its a mad place but I do enjoy it
  • Get a job working for health promotion in Preston giving out condoms and stuff


  • Celebrate my 30th with great party


  • We move to London
  • Start job as LGBT HIV prevention and community development worker


  • We buy our first house, 1 Compass Court


  • We have great Millennium party


  • Go to New York, just after new year, can still see golden tick-a-tape on the streets


  • Start to write music as snowflAke mAker
  • Start to work at Southwark Council as the LGBT community development worker


  • Celebrate my 40th with great party
  • Work to launch the first UK LGBT History Month


  • We have our civil partnership


  • ill health takes over my life for a few years, but all’s well that ends well


  • We move to Meridian Court, penthouse living sweetie


  • Paul celebrates his 50th
  • We go to San Francisco with Jane and Nursie
  • Launch spacedogs radio
  • We move to Wales to live in a Hall


  • Spend the first 6 months commuting between Wales and London
  • We leave our jobs
  • Have a fab ‘leaving/ euro vision’ night with our great friends
  • Me and Paul spend 6 weeks together in San Francisco
  • Move to Newport
  • Start my own on-line radio station!


  • ?


  • Celebrate my 500th with great party

‘it’s a wonderful world’

I am assuming we ars talking about the planet Earth now? I can accept that yes, except what do we have this to compare to? Or should I just accept that it’s wonderful?

All of it? Every bit of it? Maybe if I choose to ignore some bits of it, shove fingers in my ears and go ‘la la la la la’ I make the awful shitty bits go to the background and then be able to say ‘it’s a marvel isn’t it, this world thing’

And I suppose our limited knowledge of the universe gives little to compare earth with, but isn’t Pluto great and I hear Uranus is lovely at this time of year

Perhaps I shouldn’t take the song literally and just enjoy the meaning, the glimpse of the world the song is aiming to show us