Good Sense Of Humour

I read through a job application recently, and one aspect that was going to be measured in the interview was a ‘good sense of humour’ how on earth could that be measured, in an interview? Would the applicants be expected to crack jokes, a bit of stand up? Does humour really translate that easily in such a forced situation as an interview? Humour is a serious buisness

What exactly is a ‘good sense of humour’? As people we may have individual ideas of what humour is and the acceptable and unacceptable humour might be.

In past interviews, I have been known to crack jokes and the deafening silence that falls is an instant reminder that that is not always a good idea, humour does not always translate and for the wrong crowd and situation, humour could be quite insulting and baffling. But if it is to be measured in an interview, for a job that doesn’t really have a comedy aspect, would they waiting for the applicants to crack jokes, make them smile, what if none of that happens, would people fail that task? Would I then be a failure?

Do members of the interview panel know instinctively that they have not only a good sense of humour themselves, but that they can also encourage and bring that out in others? And are able to measure the humour being good, but surely good and acceptable only in that environment



‘let it be’

I feel that I need a mantra to keep me centred and grounded. I do try. But my mind has other thoughts about that and is quite happy flying around flitting from one idea to another.

In being creative, this flitting is quite useful as ideas can pour in a stream, flowing and free, yet sometimes this flow is too much and can become over whelming, a torrent.

There appears to be no tap or off switch to stem the flow so it continues

I have tried working with mindfulness and meditation, and that appeared to help, but my life has been quite chaotic of late and it’s hard finding the time or motivation to be centred to work towards being grounded

Perhaps that is an excuse, perhaps a reason. All I know is that my mind and me have always been as two struggling with each other. One day, I feel it would be good to be as one.

I am not sure what the experience will be like, but something tells me I would be happier in this state, and yet I have no idea why I think that is

I don’t know what’s around the corner, I don’t know what’s happening next, it will happen

‘wake up and own the day’

I heard this expression while in the states, ‘wake up and own the day’ – I almost want to buy in to this, except that I cannot remember a morning waking up and wanting to own anything, except want to stay in the bed longer, perhaps waking up and staying in bed would be a more realistic ambition to have

Perhaps there are some people out there who do ‘wake up and own the day’, I wonder what their lives are like, what do they have for breakfast? what underwear do they wear? what shampoo should I purchase if I want to be someone who ‘owns’ the day and what time should I set my alarm for to be the best time to start this ‘owning’

Although to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what ‘owning the day’ feels like, is it something that you feel in your heart? your head? or just a general ‘feeling’ somewhere in your body like when you have a strong cup of coffee

So tomorrow, if I remember, when I wake up I will start to own the day, and I promise to take care of it


I was thinking about my dream job, and decided to make a list of what I am looking for

Dream job

Why do I want to do it?

  • To grow
  • Develop
  • Make connections with people
  • Have fun
  • Be creative
  • Make things
  • Design
  • Encourage ideas
  • Bring out the best in others
  • Collate ideas
  • Support people to feel better
  • To help empower
  • To use music
  • To create things together
  • Drawing and art
  • Being artist
  • Meeting new people
  • Listening to stories

Where would I be?

  • In a supportive environment
  • With a team created for each project
  • Somewhere arty
  • With huge community drawings on the wall

Surrounded by?

  • People willing to explore
  • Have fun
  • Acknowledge we are trying our best
  • Willing and happy to make mistakes
  • Joyous

Working with?

  • Small team
  • Community based
  • Vol sector
  • Or community lead organization


  • Computers
  • Art materials
  • Music software
  • Cameras

Benefits to me

  • Grow
  • Explore
  • Develop
  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Laugh
  • Learn skills
  • Push myself
  • Be myself

Benefits to others?

  • See how working together can create great things
  • Learn from each other
  • Share stories
  • Be themselves

Top 5 passions

  • Music
  • Food
  • Being creative
  • Writing
  • Sex drugs rock and roll?

I will now spend some time visualizing this dream job

‘I feel good’

James Brown shouts ‘ I feel good, I knew that I would’ does it help climb the ‘happiness ladder’ being so adamant that you are going to be happy?

Today I was watching some ‘info-mercials’ about workout DVD’s that you can buy, people weeping as they now can put on their wedding ring as there finger was too large before and how awful this was.

The relentless parade of quite insane people persuading us to part with £100 for the pleasure of ‘lying in a pool of our sweat’ was strangely hypnotic, but after 5 minutes I had to switch over, I felt I had got the message and quite frankly, was exhausted  – does that count as something I can cross of the ‘workout calendar’? that I had (almost) watched an entire info-mercial?

One DVD promised us ‘low impact’ with ‘high results’ the other promised us that ‘it would be the hardest thing we have ever done’  – both gave us opposing starting points, but everyone ended up looking the same and very happy to lift up there clothes to display this new body, this new life – do we have to work this hard, to lie in a pool of sweat to be happy? do we need to high kicking in front of our TV’s, throwing our hips to the planets to feel worthy, that we belong? good enough? happy? What if you don’t have a DVD player – or indeed electricity?

One of the info-mercials promised a new ‘sexy’ body – so not just only do we have this ‘great body’ but we will have great sex too? all this for £59.99?

I was sitting there, lying in bed, watching this display and part of me thought, ‘perhaps you have the wrong attitude, you should be doing this you know, get those chiseled abs you have always wanted for Christmas, then perhaps I will finally be happy and fit and able to take on the world, or maybe I just need a deeper voice, you know, sound in control…..’ I seem to be drawing up a list now

Perhaps I just need a mantra, every morning, to shout out the James Brown line ‘I feel good, I knew that I would’ and see what happens, or maybe upload the song to be my ringtone