‘wake up and own the day’

I heard this expression while in the states, ‘wake up and own the day’ – I almost want to buy in to this, except that I cannot remember a morning waking up and wanting to own anything, except want to stay in the bed longer, perhaps waking up and staying in bed would be a more realistic ambition to have

Perhaps there are some people out there who do ‘wake up and own the day’, I wonder what their lives are like, what do they have for breakfast? what underwear do they wear? what shampoo should I purchase if I want to be someone who ‘owns’ the day and what time should I set my alarm for to be the best time to start this ‘owning’

Although to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what ‘owning the day’ feels like, is it something that you feel in your heart? your head? or just a general ‘feeling’ somewhere in your body like when you have a strong cup of coffee

So tomorrow, if I remember, when I wake up I will start to own the day, and I promise to take care of it


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