‘let it be’

I feel that I need a mantra to keep me centred and grounded. I do try. But my mind has other thoughts about that and is quite happy flying around flitting from one idea to another.

In being creative, this flitting is quite useful as ideas can pour in a stream, flowing and free, yet sometimes this flow is too much and can become over whelming, a torrent.

There appears to be no tap or off switch to stem the flow so it continues

I have tried working with mindfulness and meditation, and that appeared to help, but my life has been quite chaotic of late and it’s hard finding the time or motivation to be centred to work towards being grounded

Perhaps that is an excuse, perhaps a reason. All I know is that my mind and me have always been as two struggling with each other. One day, I feel it would be good to be as one.

I am not sure what the experience will be like, but something tells me I would be happier in this state, and yet I have no idea why I think that is

I don’t know what’s around the corner, I don’t know what’s happening next, it will happen


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