Good Sense Of Humour

I read through a job application recently, and one aspect that was going to be measured in the interview was a ‘good sense of humour’ how on earth could that be measured, in an interview? Would the applicants be expected to crack jokes, a bit of stand up? Does humour really translate that easily in such a forced situation as an interview? Humour is a serious buisness

What exactly is a ‘good sense of humour’? As people we may have individual ideas of what humour is and the acceptable and unacceptable humour might be.

In past interviews, I have been known to crack jokes and the deafening silence that falls is an instant reminder that that is not always a good idea, humour does not always translate and for the wrong crowd and situation, humour could be quite insulting and baffling. But if it is to be measured in an interview, for a job that doesn’t really have a comedy aspect, would they waiting for the applicants to crack jokes, make them smile, what if none of that happens, would people fail that task? Would I then be a failure?

Do members of the interview panel know instinctively that they have not only a good sense of humour themselves, but that they can also encourage and bring that out in others? And are able to measure the humour being good, but surely good and acceptable only in that environment



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