Snowballing to happiness deux

Negativity is like letting an abandoned animal into your home, first it finds safety, then warmth, then nourishment. And before you know it it’s part of the family and difficult to let go of

Luckily where we are renting means that we can’t have animals. But I can hear them outside, snarling for attention, asking for food.

The modern world means that these animals of negativity can find a way in by tapping into our homes thru phones and electronic devices, these sneaky, cowardly and faceless beasts snap at you from a distance and feel they can act wild unleashed by humanity and humility and in doing so become a danger to themselves by their un-domesticated behaviour

So new ground rules need to be created

It’s important to cut off all the entrances to your sanctuary so that they know and learn they cannot find a home with you

Barking is barking even if its hidden in a text or email. Sometimes animals need reminding or indeed to be clearly shown what is acceptable/ unacceptable behaviour

Animals need boundaries too, otherwise they go ferrel

Good behaviour should be rewarded, although be sure any changes are sincere, as I say, these abandoned animals can be sneaky, do not be fooled by sad eyes or a wet nose

If all else fails, cut off the supply of food, which means your door is closed, no nourishment will be found here, no treats, no playtime

Remember, an abandoned animal may form a pack to try to get to you, remember this is an act of fear, a desperate attempt to encourage bad behaviour from those who are weak willed. Don’t be concerned, although quite frightening, the barking will end, it may require you to step back from the window and not give in the giving the pack the attention it feels it needs – just hope the pack doesn’t turn on itself, as who will clear up the mess?

Make time for your playmates and enjoy the fun times together, negativity hates nothing more than positivity as the attention goes away

One day, the animal may learn how to behave in your home and sanctuary, that will be a great day to celebrate


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