Snowballing to happiness six: I am not #spambot

Well, that’s a very relaxing way to start the day, someone I followed on twitter yesterday who is a #herbalist #green #organic #motherhood #vegan sent me a link to click on that ‘validates’ that you are not a ‘spambot’ and therefore, perhaps, you might, get a follow back,

I’m not really that desperate or needy thank you, do I now need to prove I am not a spambot to get a follow back? has it come to this?

I feel hurt, offended and insulted that a total stranger feels it necessary to send a ‘direct tweet’ (which quite honestly is annoying in itself) asking me to click on a link and validate myself! for what? a follow back? who actually do they think that they are? If this twitter user had taken two seconds to glance over my tweets they would have seen, quite clearly, that I am not a spambot

Or maybe I am but I don’t know it – like in Bladerunner when one of the cyborgs doesn’t know they are a machine – but really all the memories are implanted

Then I reflect, why do I feel angry about this? perhaps its because its IT taking over the world, or that we become victims of other people’s paranoia, or that quite frankly, life is short enough and if that person can’t be bothered glancing over my tweets to check that there worst suspicions are not true, that I am not a spambot, then they might be able to relax

Baby, its your monkey, I ain’t feeding it – meaning, if this really is your concern that’s your stuff, why drag anybody else through it? I mean really, why go through a 3rd party validation service to prove something, isn’t that spam?


Snowballing to happiness sieben: Not a care in the world

I am pondering if to take up a new hobby, being a sociopath.

It looks pretty straightforward, you can work your own hours and ultimately you can get away with anything with little or no consequences other than people might think you a little ‘off’

Who wouldn’t dream of a journey where you could manipulate people for your own ends, lie and the only comeuppance is that people will give you a wide birth, what’s not to like? I mean really, you couldn’t make it up

One of the lessons that lfe has taught me is that people who don’t care about other people’s feeling have kind of got it made, they don’t stress out or are concerned or have an ounce of self-awareness so perhaps they are perfect in that way, emotionless and therefore unable to be hurt, but hurt others in their wake

so, to my new hobby I write a poem

I’m on a path,
to be a sociopath
you might think its crazy
but I will have the last laugh
I don’t feel you,
or even try
the truth will out
it’s a great big lie

Snowballing to happiness funf: on-line v non-line

I rarely spend time in on-line forums as people within that environment appear to be closed minded or indeed absent of any sense of humour.

Sometimes when I revisit the on-line forum world I wonder if I might of been too quick to judge, however recently when I engaged in an online conversation my original opinions were only confirmed

I wonder, if those people who are quick to judge in the on-line world are quite simply demonstrating how people are so quick to judge, in the non-line world and that anyone who has a differing point of view is a ‘hater’ or someone to be swatted away like an annoying fly. Reasoned debate or witty conversation seems to be a waste of time and perhaps a old fashioned approach when people on-line are more concerned with where an apostrophe might sit or that ‘people seem to forget that….’ And then just tell you how to think as opposed to celebrating difference

Some people arrive at a debate, make grandiose and offensive remarks and then say ‘you’re not helping with your childish remarks’ like somehow humour is more offensive than actual offensive remarks

Then I thought that if equality was a cake, people need to share it and not hog it like a greedy children – meaning that its all there to share – why do some people want to hog the limelight/ being right, what is so right about being right? Does it actually make anything in the world good or better?

Snowballing to happiness: Cuatro

There is a storm raging outside, the wind is throwing its weight around, tress bend, the sound rushes through objects and hits the house that protects me.

There is a storm raging inside, but little by little I am more aware of this, thoughts bend, sounds become quieter as I try to imagine the universe inside me, dark and quiet with stars of thoughts drifting in space, the universe inside me that protects me

I wonder if the pursuit of inner peace is a selfish one, sitting here with the storm raging outside; shouldn’t I be doing something to protect the trees? But what can I do, the storm would still rage if I was here or not, so let it blow, let it make all the noise it wishes, I don’t cause the storm, and it is a wonder of nature to see how the world continues without our involvement.

Getting caught in a storm can be a frightening and scary experience, without protection. Leaves can whip up and strike you, wind can burn your eyes and make them water, umbrellas can be destroyed by one snarl of wind, and then you are left to the elements. I think, in those times, its best to let yourself get wet and hope that there is a warm towel and drink waiting for you somewhere nice.

Storms always pass, then there is calm.