Snowballing to happiness: Cuatro

There is a storm raging outside, the wind is throwing its weight around, tress bend, the sound rushes through objects and hits the house that protects me.

There is a storm raging inside, but little by little I am more aware of this, thoughts bend, sounds become quieter as I try to imagine the universe inside me, dark and quiet with stars of thoughts drifting in space, the universe inside me that protects me

I wonder if the pursuit of inner peace is a selfish one, sitting here with the storm raging outside; shouldn’t I be doing something to protect the trees? But what can I do, the storm would still rage if I was here or not, so let it blow, let it make all the noise it wishes, I don’t cause the storm, and it is a wonder of nature to see how the world continues without our involvement.

Getting caught in a storm can be a frightening and scary experience, without protection. Leaves can whip up and strike you, wind can burn your eyes and make them water, umbrellas can be destroyed by one snarl of wind, and then you are left to the elements. I think, in those times, its best to let yourself get wet and hope that there is a warm towel and drink waiting for you somewhere nice.

Storms always pass, then there is calm.



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