Snowballing to happiness funf: on-line v non-line

I rarely spend time in on-line forums as people within that environment appear to be closed minded or indeed absent of any sense of humour.

Sometimes when I revisit the on-line forum world I wonder if I might of been too quick to judge, however recently when I engaged in an online conversation my original opinions were only confirmed

I wonder, if those people who are quick to judge in the on-line world are quite simply demonstrating how people are so quick to judge, in the non-line world and that anyone who has a differing point of view is a ‘hater’ or someone to be swatted away like an annoying fly. Reasoned debate or witty conversation seems to be a waste of time and perhaps a old fashioned approach when people on-line are more concerned with where an apostrophe might sit or that ‘people seem to forget that….’ And then just tell you how to think as opposed to celebrating difference

Some people arrive at a debate, make grandiose and offensive remarks and then say ‘you’re not helping with your childish remarks’ like somehow humour is more offensive than actual offensive remarks

Then I thought that if equality was a cake, people need to share it and not hog it like a greedy children – meaning that its all there to share – why do some people want to hog the limelight/ being right, what is so right about being right? Does it actually make anything in the world good or better?


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