Snowballing to happiness sieben: Not a care in the world

I am pondering if to take up a new hobby, being a sociopath.

It looks pretty straightforward, you can work your own hours and ultimately you can get away with anything with little or no consequences other than people might think you a little ‘off’

Who wouldn’t dream of a journey where you could manipulate people for your own ends, lie and the only comeuppance is that people will give you a wide birth, what’s not to like? I mean really, you couldn’t make it up

One of the lessons that lfe has taught me is that people who don’t care about other people’s feeling have kind of got it made, they don’t stress out or are concerned or have an ounce of self-awareness so perhaps they are perfect in that way, emotionless and therefore unable to be hurt, but hurt others in their wake

so, to my new hobby I write a poem

I’m on a path,
to be a sociopath
you might think its crazy
but I will have the last laugh
I don’t feel you,
or even try
the truth will out
it’s a great big lie

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