Snowballing to happiness:8: Another Life

I was looking at this image of me from years ago, a happy boy, on holiday in the Isle Of White. I know I was happy, I was playing in a kids playground.


And then I wondered, who is that girl behind me? What life did she have? We must have been around the same age, is she having a good life somewhere, a family, friends, did she know she would be in this picture, does she think about that moment too, of is it just me?

This year was the first birthday I had where both my parents were not alive, the first one where a parent did not wish me ‘happy birthday’  – and then I remembered all the happy birthdays I had as a kid, all the presents, the cake, the good times.

Many memories of me as a baby/ child gone now, only my dad had them, now they are gone, does it matter? it doesn’t make me who I am now, and why does it matter to me?


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