trust the feeling

Trust the feeling

A distant rumble
A memory
Of a time of great activity
Was I that young?
Did I do so much?
The lessons of life

So much I have collected
Of a past well lived
It’s hard to part with past
When it’s been so good
But I should
Let go and begin to grow
In other ways
There are brighter days
That I could not even imagine then

My life in boxes
Who will keep this?
Will it just be landfill?
The sadness rises, my emotions
Full of surprises
Leading me down memory after memory

Good times,
That were celebrated, and now, I celebrate again

In time, this time will be a memory too,
‘Trust the feeling’ I believed to be true, a message I gave to my older self
And now older, I embrace, and trace that feeling to the core
Nothing more

We can not be, we are
We belong, in song, in melody,
In tune, in harmony, free
To explore, past, present and future

And that is how we know we truly live and can be,

Trust the feeling