Closed for refurbishment (6): Begin a new chapter

You’ll never be able to erase your memory of this person, but you can use the experience to better yourself and to help others. If you wronged someone, resolve never to make the same mistake again, and take it a step further: help others avoid making the same mistake you did. If you were a victim, reach out to other victims, and teach others how to avoid the wrongdoing that you faced. Make the end of your relationship with that person a turning point in your life. Start moving in a new direction.

The new direction for my partner and me is moving to France, its very exciting that we are doing this. We have lived together in Manchester, Preston, Spain, London, San Francisco and Wales – so being somewhere different and new does not scare us.

Moving, allows us to move physically away from some of the pain experienced and also gives us space and miles away from people who have hurt us. We are moving on –  in more ways than expected, and I welcome and invite the challenge and in doing this I wish myself health, happiness, inner peace, joy, green fingers and calm – as I wish the same to others too 🙂


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